Putting your money to work challenge

By Jack Doyle, Amergent President & CEO

Check out #HalfMyDAF and halfmydaf.com.

This is a great idea. The people behind this are Jennifer and David Risher. Putting half of your DAF money to work is a simple, elegant and popular idea.

By the time you read this, their efforts will have inspired over $1 million in grants.

The people behind the challenge have done a great job.

It would be great if this starts a movement among wealthy people.

Remember when the billionaires (Gates, Buffet, Turner, etc.) made their pledge to give away all their money to philanthropy? This could be the time for all DAF millionaires to make similar challenges, or to give their support to the Rishers so they can make a greater, sustained impact.

Jennifer and David Risher have put up $1 million dollars to challenge DAF donors to put their money to work now. They have pledged to give $10,000 to 100 non-profits. The non-profits who will benefit are up to the DAF donors. $500,000 will be granted in July and $500,000 in September. Try for the July grants!

This challenge has presented every DAF donor with a simple incentive — show who their favorite charity is, and that charity will be in the running for one of the $10,000 grants.

To see more about this, check out this article.

Please get this opportunity to all of your DAF donors as soon as possible and let them decide what to do; they will be duly recognized as HEROES.

Someone who gives you half of their DAF account is telling you who their favorite charity is! This will change your relationship from this day forward!!

This challenge is so timely. California and other states are considering unnecessary legislation, requiring DAF donors to give more (not by choice). This #HalfMyDAF challenge allows DAF donors to choose who will benefit from their direct, increased support, plus to be part of the $10,000 grant consideration opportunity.

Let’s all remember, these DAF dollars have been irrevocably donated for charitable purposes. One hundred percent of these funds will go to charities. Now there is an incentive to grant more dollars sooner.

The national charitable sponsors remind us that more than 60 percent of the funds donated into these DAF giving accounts were appreciated stocks. When these stocks were growing in donors’ portfolios, charities were not benefiting from them. Now those funds can do a great deal of good, and this is an idea we hope catches on and makes the DAF donor appreciated for their power to do good.

Thank you, Jennifer and David.

P.S. Another great blog on the idea of DAF donors stepping up to give at this time can be found here.

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