Current Client Nonprofit Missions We Serve


Our foodbank clients are devoted to feeding hungry men, women and children. Donors share in that mission and count on their foodbank to provide nutritious food to everyone in need. We know how to help foodbanks increase engagement, grow contributions from their donor base and find new donors. We work closely to understand local community and beneficiaries to craft a fundraising plan that creates the strongest donor appeal possible.  Learn More. 

World-class Healthcare Institutions

We work with leading cancer centers recognized around the world that are advancing medical science. They have received the highest designations from the National Cancer Institute and expect an integrated approach to donor fundraising and development. Our healthcare experience also includes major medical centers, highly specialized children’s hospitals and their associated medical science universities that depend on donor funding. We support their fundraising objectives with analysis and customized approaches that include patient, doctor and researcher testimonials. Learn More. 


Churches and other religious-affiliated entities are cornerstones of our communities supporting worship and helping those in need. Donor giving to these nonprofits sustains outreach and provides caring relationships. We help these clients remain in touch with like-minded donors so they can focus on their work. Amergent works closely with clients to develop donor campaigns that balance faith, spirituality and stewardship.


Advocacy and Conservation

Our conservation and advocacy clients speak on behalf of those without a voice to speak for themselves.  Getting that message to legislators and the public is dependent on a data informed commitment and expert message execution. We help your organization communicate with donors so campaigns spotlight the issues that matter most – at the right time. We work with you to direct the acquisition, renewal and growth of your donor giving program with proven strategic insights and an effective campaign rationale that supports your social services, conservation or protection cause.

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