Project Management

Campaign Services – On Time, On Budget

After analysis and strategy, implementing your donor conversation involves selecting specific donors to receive your message. The message may be an opportunity to ask for support, but it’s also an opportunity to reinforce your relationship. A donor who has given regularly for several years needs to be addressed differently than someone who has just made his or her first gift. Your campaign’s project management is engineered to include these key considerations.

Selecting donor files is one of the most critical steps of a project and why Amergent developed the ability to understand your donors based on the history of their interaction with you. Next, Amergent integrates creative and production to ensure key dates for your direct approval. Now, you are ready to implement your fundraising plan. Letters, brochures, email messages, digital, social all need to be produced to high standards within a schedule, and on a budget, you approved. Trust Amergent to execute campaigns that are always efficient, launched at the optimum time to achieve measurable fundraising results.

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