Intelligent Acquisition

Improve your net income by knowing your new donors. Not all donors are created equal. Yet we too often judge the success of an acquisition campaign by cost to acquire, lumping future lapsed donors and major donors in the same bucket. Intelligent Acquisition eliminates this blind spot by projecting donors’ future value.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to:

  • Pick the lists, co-ops, and campaign that bring in the most net revenue
  • Identify future mid and major donors and treat them accordingly
  • Optimize for monthly, mid-level, major, multichannel, and/or planned givers in acquisition

All of this at the point of acquisition in an easy-to-understand grading system that helps you shift investment from the D’s & F’s to the A’s & B’s.

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Find Future Donor Opportunities

Amergent’s strategic services are based on qualitative data and analytics. Our specialized capabilities highlight various donor performance trends, areas of concern and opportunities to enhance your relationships. There is virtually no limit of opportunity that can be found in your donor database, if you know how to look. Amergent will help you raise more money with our analytics knowledge, Vital Signs Analysis and Long-term Donor Value Tools.

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