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Don’t wait! Donations into these accounts annually are two times larger than the funds granted out of these accounts. We have developed strategies to get donors to grant more gifts. 

Donor Advised Funds have the power to transform fundraising for today’s nonprofit organizations.

We are all familiar with the term by now…

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account that allows individuals, families and businesses to make tax-deductible donations of cash, stock and other assets to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program.

People often liken a DAF to a charitable savings account and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, money invested through these accounts may soon top $100 billion!

By transferring money through a DAF account, the donor accomplishes the following:

✔They’ve given this money away. Their deposits are irrevocable.
✔They receive an immediate tax benefit for the entire amount.
✔They can then recommend grants to the charities of their choice when they are ready.

And the generosity of DAF donors is extraordinary. One Donor Advised Fund reports the average grant they make to non-profits is $12,000. The overall average account holder to a DFA has a balance of $250,000.

According to Fidelity Charitable, a public charity that handles the largest number of DAF accounts, the average age of the DAF donor is 55 and, on average, an account generates funds for 9+ years.

So you may be wondering…

✔Who exactly IS the DAF donor?

✔How do I reach and inspire these special donors to give to my nonprofit organization?

These are questions we can answer. And those answers can transform your nonprofit fundraising. Don’t wait! Contact us today at

NonProfit Pro: Encourage Donors to Give Through Donor-Advised Funds by Erica Waasdorp
(Published November, 2020 with mention of Jack Doyle)

The Nonprofit Alliance: What’s happening with DAF Giving in 2020? by Jack Doyle
Published June, 2020)

4/22/20: Read Jack Doyle’s white paper on 2020 DAF predictions. 

Fidelity Charitable Q1 2020 Performance Summary (look at YTD column)

Schwab Charitable Q1 2020 Performance Report


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(Information courtesy of PG Calc)

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