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“Thank you for coming to learn more about Portfolio. Our value proposition is unique and simple: we are here to serve you. We provide a team of people at the outset of your database search who will work with you through the conversion process and training, and are still with you as you use Portfolio year after year. I always ask new Portfolio clients after they are up and running, ‘What features do you like best?’ and they always ignore the question and tell me how much they love their Amergent team. That’s what makes us unique. We are always here for you, even anticipating what you need before you ask for it. For organizations that need or want this kind of ongoing team support, we’re here for you.”
Jack Doyle
Amergent President 


While it’s true that Amergent’s Portfolio™ software distinguishes us as a leader in the nonprofit enterprise CRM solution space, what really sets us apart is our unwavering, loyal, longstanding customer service. We think of each client as a partner. Your success is our success. If there’s ever an issue or a problem with Portfolio, we handle it in-house and personally to make sure it’s resolved quickly and properly.

Portfolio itself provides you with a complete solution, meeting all of your current needs and providing a platform designed to grow, expand and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. We like to say that Portfolio makes problems go away.

We developed Portfolio as a state-of-the-art, web-based relational database system specifically suited for supporting the needs of larger nonprofit organizations. We capitalized on more than three decades of experience managing large nonprofit databases. We use best-of-breed technologies to ensure our solution continuously provides the power, flexibility, scalability and ease of use required by large charities engaged in direct mail, multi-channel and major gift fundraising.

A Portfolio implementation begins with complete installation, conversion, customization, integration and training services to make sure you get the maximum value for your investment. Once you’re up and running on Portfolio, a dedicated Amergent support team made up of specialists in fundraising and database systems, provides a full array of end-user support, technical support and data management services to ensure that you get the most out of your Portfolio system.


“Amergent offers high-quality service. Our Portfolio support team is always available to us and processes ad hoc requests promptly. Moving to Amergent has given us the database stability we were searching for. Amergent is a company you can trust.”

Sandy Slovek, Database Manager
St. Labre Indian School


What support can Portfolio provide to your organization?
• Identify new to file high $ donors for special acknowledgement from your staff
• Identify breakdown of donors – new to digital vs new to file
• Manage your pipeline – major gift and planned gift leads
• Moves management – create individualized solicitation plans for major gift donors

Some of the attributes that make Portfolio so unique:

Portfolio Core Functionality  

Think of Portfolio as an “enterprise CRM solution” (CRM = Constituent Relationship Management) supporting all types of information.

  • Contact information and notes
  • Supports both company and individual records
  • Multiple address, seasonal addresses, phone and emails
  • Demographics and wealth attributes
  • Relationships
  • Notes, document attachments and activities
  • Gift and pledge transactions
  • Planned gift details
  • Tracking of all outbound and inbound communications
  • A feature for remembering individual donor preferences no matter how unique
  • System auditing for tracking changes (a complete history of changes: who, when, old and new values)
Direct Marketing/Fundraising Support 

Portfolio was specifically designed to make it easier for nonprofit organizations with special requirements for donors whose giving behavior is expanding into so many channels.

  • Multi-channel support
  • High-level strategic planning and complex analytical reporting
  • Multi-dimensional segmentation
  • High-volume, highly targeted, multi appeal support
  • The same tools support Amergent’s agency client programs

“Amergent’s approach for providing flexible, useable, and understandable business intelligence works well with The Heritages Company’s overall approach for improving our mutual clients’ outcomes and fundraising success. We wish ALL our clients would  work with your company.”

Ken Petterson, VP – Business Development and Marketing
The Heritage Company

Campaign/Appeal Management 

Campaign management and segmentation functionality provided with Portfolio is extremely powerful and flexible and truly distinguishes the Portfolio system from other solutions.

  • Flexible, multi-level structure
    • Campaign
    • Source/appeal codes
    • Mailing lots
    • Mail/promotion records
  • Cost data
  • List information and list broker information
  • Stores special promotion and acknowledgement rules
  • Automated standard jobs to support annual and recurring appeal campaigns
High-Volume Import Feeds and Processing Support

 Portfolio has all the tools necessary for managing high-volume “Lockbox/Caging/Import” feeds from the following sources to the core database:

  • Remittance processing systems and vendors
  • Third party processing vendors
  • Websites
  • Automated file exchanges
  • Deploy refreshed donor data to digital partner platforms
  • Other systems (internal/external) that need to pass data to Portfolio
Caging and Gift Processing Management

Portfolio provides features for entering high-touch donations and provides easy to use utilities for reviewing and correcting errors in vendor caging batches.

  • Complete error checking
  • Data audit trails
  • Utilities for correcting errors in vendor caging batches
  • Functionality to process:
    • “White mail”
    • Soft credits
    • Fixed term pledges
    • Sustainer payments
    • Tributes
    • Matching gifts
    • Gift reversals and adjustments
  • An interface to clients’ accounting system can be set up
Foundation, Major, Planned Gift Fund-Raising, and Grant Support 

Portfolio supports the relationship building and cultivation activities required for foundation, major and planned gifts. This functionality is also useful in the cultivation of grants and other large gifts from institutional and foundation donors.

  • Move management
  • Track individualized communications plan
  • Assign and manage contacts
  • Relationship building
  • Cultivation activities
  • Detailed history of all correspondence
  • Detailed notes and document attachments
  • Assign to-dos and ticklers
  • Link to wealth identification data
  • Store demo and asset information
  • Send and record emails directly in the system
  • Event invitations
  • Link directly from a donor/prospect record to website
Volunteer Functionality 

Track all manner of volunteer information:

  • Biographic and demographic data
  • Volunteer interests, skills and certifications
  • Availability, hours and recognition
  • Reporting on volunteer activities
  • Create schedules and fill openings for various volunteer shifts
Special Event Functionality

Portfolio’s event functionality links to the volunteer shifts and schedules.

  • Define event venues, activities and tasks
  • Detailed costs
  • Event Invitations
  • Unlimited number of event items – everything from tickets to t-shirts
  • Fulfillment of the items based on price points and event
Flexible, User-Friendly Reporting Capabilities  

Portfolio has powerful reporting capabilities based on Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services Platform.

  • Browser-based interface
  • Run existing standard reports or create powerful ad-hoc analytical reports
  • Graphical representations of report data can easily be done
  • Reports can be created once and published on any schedule
  • Reports can be delivered into your email as a pdf
  • All fields in the Portfolio database are available
  • Schedule important reports to run automatically on a regular basis

“Amergent’s Long Term Value reports have enabled Infogroup to broaden our strategies when procuring lists for our mutual clients. They have enabled us to better evaluate successes in list performance, and gauge ask array strategies and low dollar scrub techniques at a superior level by giving us an expanded means of assessing client results. Infogroup has worked closely with Amergent to craft plans that will optimize long term donor value, and our teams continually discuss features for the next iteration of their reports.”

Graham Hunter, Senior Vice President

Comprehensive System Security 
  • Web-based system
  • Provides the flexibility for authorized access by:
    • On-site staff
    • Remote users
    • Third-party vendors such as caging vendors, list brokers and direct marketing agency consultants
  • Security can be configured by users or user groups to have access to certain screens and types of data
  • Provides for user and user-group based security
  • Security controls view, add, change and delete access to various data in the system
  • Security rights are managed by the system administrator(s)
  • Access is managed through a central security module
Alerts and Business Rules 

Portfolio has the ability to:

  • Send special alerts to a predetermined user or group of users when some activity takes place in the system. This can be donor specific, appeal specific, etc.
  • Portfolio has alerts to help manage day-to-day activities
  • Reports that notify staff of upcoming donor birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates are available
  • Tickler file reminder function provides daily “to-do” lists
  • Helpful alerts, warning messages and help messages are also configured to aid in system navigation, warn of required data entry fields and provide other help to users
Accounting Interface/Integration 
  • In most cases, we pass summary information by general ledger account number passed, with Portfolio acting as a sub-ledger system, maintaining the details of each transaction
  • In some cases, we simply provide reports to the accounting department of the organization
  • In others, we have developed complex interfaces that allow Portfolio to directly pass data to the accounting system
Enhancements and System Integrations 

We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and implement a complete solution. Below are sample of past enhancements and integrations:

  • Giving societies, clubs and donor role calculations
  • Membership level and expiration date calculation
  • Inventory management
  • Custom fulfillment print extract requirements
  • Third party credit card processors
  • In-house remittance processors
  • Digital marketing vendors

“We worked closely with Amergent’s team of experts to develop the Portfolio connector to Engaging Networks. They used Engaging Networks’ open API to build a seamless two-way sync between our best-in-breed tools. In doing so, Amergent’s implementation and client services team eliminated the manual steps to capturing Engaging Networks’ transactional data in Portfolio. It was a breeze working with Portfolio’s team to build this tool and we’re excited to share it with nonprofit clients at the forefront of digital engagement, fundraising, advocacy and other pursuits.”

Eric Rubin, Director of Business Development
Engaging Networks

Each Portfolio implementation begins with a comprehensive needs analysis/discovery phase to identify the installation, conversion, customization and training services necessary to provide a successful implementation.

Amergent is very familiar with managing large system implementation projects. Amergent understands the crucial need to take into account all of the various interface and integration points with other systems and vendors that allow clients to successfully complete their day-to-day activities. As part of our discovery phase, Amergent works with clients to identify all potential interface/integration points and explore potential options for making the new system as efficient and flexible as possible. This can include a combination of simple import/exports, regularly scheduled and automated uploads and downloads, more sophisticated system integration or access to data from multiple applications through a web-based portal or dashboard.

When you combine Amergent’s decades of experience in the direct market fundraising sector, our full-service Portfolio software and our always-there personal customer service, it’s clear why our motto is “Working together to create friends for life.”


“Portfolio is a comprehensive and user-friendly CRM solution. The toolset provides first-rate donor management and an extensive library of reports that enable our organization to analyze results, and move our program to new levels with great ease. Amergent’s client services team is a true extension of our staff and go above and beyond to provide exceptional client service.”

Kari Miller Willis, Executive Director
Office of Mission Support
Franciscan Friars of the Atonement
St. Christopher’s Inn

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