2020 DAF Stocking Stuffers

From Jack Doyle, Amergent President & CEO

There’s still time to positively impact your 2020 DAF donors’ giving!

Here are some ideas for your consideration:

  • Positive reinforcement goes a long way in the near and long-term
    • Some donors report they have “emptied” their DAF account in 2020, as the need for compassionate love and support couldn’t be greater. Do you have anything left to give? We’d be so grateful!
  • Many organizations have been using this messaging in various ways:
    • Have you set aside money for charitable giving purposes in a DAF giving account? Giving from your donor-advised fund is quick and easy! Please schedule a gift today.
  • We received a thank you letter where they used the P.S. in the letter effectively, planting the idea for how we can make our next gift:
    • P.S. You may find it helpful to learn that many donors have established a monthly grant from their donor-advised fund account through Fidelity Charitable. This may save you time and, of course, will assist us in meeting ongoing needs. Please know that we are very grateful in whatever way you continue to support us. God bless your kindness.
  • We received direct mail (DM) appeals with this call-out in an insert:
    • Please put your charitable dollars in action through your Donor-Advised Fund. You are a powerful resource for our vital work when you use your charitable giving account.
  • This message was in a planned giving letter:
    • Some benefactors have a Donor-Advised Fund giving account with a financial institution and name <XYZ> as a grant recipient throughout the year…and have named <XYZ> as the successor beneficiary for the remainder of their account upon passing.
  • Asking your loyal donors for help can involve information (not always money):
    • We are very grateful to receive many DAF gifts, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to identify the donor who requested the grant. Because we want to make sure you are properly credited and thanked, we are asking you to confirm:
      a) the name(s) of the DAF account holder(s) and
      b) the name of your giving account and
      c) whether this address is the same as your giving account

If you receive funds from Fidelity Charitable (FC) via EFT, inform your FC donors they can keep making grants and those grant dollars are likely to be in hand before 12/31/2020 if they indicate “where it’s needed most.” If they choose an option that requires human intervention to approve, that adds days to the approval process.

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