Transforming the DAF landscape

By Jack Doyle, Amergent President/CEO

The number of donors with DAF giving accounts more than doubled in 2018.

The amount of money in these donor-advised fund giving accounts is now over $110 billion.

The tax law changes for 2018 are one reason why so many people with giving accounts put more money into their accounts.

The reason the overall number of donors have giving accounts is largely due to the American Online Giving Foundation

AOGF is the US charitable arm of Benevity, a company that facilitates workplace giving for large corporations. They work with a number of Fortune 100 companies and open a DAF for each employee.

1.    Do you know which of your donors work for or retired from Fortune 100 companies?
2.    A Benevity spokesperson indicated the 1st grant you get should be from the American Online Giving Foundation, but that subsequent grants from the same donor will be from the Benevity Community Impact Fund.
3.    They use the two different names interchangeably for the same organization.
4.    Sadly, the default setting for each employee DAF account grant indicates the employer… the name of the company, not the donor. A donor needs to make a number of changes to have his or her name and address shared with a grant, so expect a lot of anonymous grants.

If you haven’t received DAF grants from this AOGF charitable sponsor under their name or the Benevity Community Impact Fund, you will in 2019!

Recent numbers reported from the National Philanthropic Trust indicate we began the 2018 (calendar) fund raising year with almost ½ a million known DAF donors (463,000+). We’re still trying to determine how many more DAF accounts exist now in 2019.

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