The DAF benefit you don’t hear about!

By Jack Doyle, Amergent President/CEO

I recently got this mid-year report from Schwab Charitable. This is an account my family uses to make $100 recurring monthly gifts to several non-profits. We began making some of them in February 2019 and started another i March.

The June 30th report indicated Schwab Charitable has issued 14 grants for $1,400 so far in 2019.

The unexpected good news is that the starting balance of our account has increased in value by $1,367 in 2019. These funds are being managed for growth.

Even though 14 grants of $100 have been made, our balance has only gone down by $33.

This is just another reason why these DAF accounts are popular.

We have $1,367 more money to donate this year. We don’t benefit from it in any additional tax savings, but our favorite charities will be getting more money!

You should be telling all your DAF donors that their accounts have (probably) increased in value in 2019 and they should consider giving YOU some of that right now!!


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