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Nice to meet you if only virtually. We support nonprofit organizations with data centric fundraising that creates successful donor campaigns across channels. We listen, invent, and always build on our experience since 1980 to support your mission. Trust us as partners for good.

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Our Solutions

Amergent’s Intelligent Acquisition
Improve your net income by knowing your new donors

Not all donors are created equal. Yet we too often judge the success of an acquisition campaign by cost to acquire, lumping future lapsed donors and major donors in the same bucket. Intelligent Acquisition eliminates this blind spot by projecting donors' future value.

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Easy, Powerful Donor Reporting

Amergent’s proprietary software, Portfolio, is an enterprise donor management solution that puts you in control of your nonprofit’s fundraising. It supports strategies to cultivate donor giving, loyalty, and interests with your own simple toolset. Portfolio manages your donor contact histories, identifies trends, and forecasts new opportunities. More information means better giving relationships.

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Smart Plans, Practical Direction

It’s all about your fundraising needs. We utilize our extensive direct response and data management services to increase donor annual revenue goals, loyalty, and steady growth. The smartest plan ideas come from collaboration with you to deliver results that meet your bottom line. Rely on us to prioritize objectives for the greatest equity in your campaigns. We are with you all the way.

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The Power to Know

Amergent’s proprietary Vital Signs Analysis™ reveals donor giving opportunities hidden, yet ready to leverage. Through data-driven insights, we report donor gift performance trends, identify challenges, message connections, and predict behavior leading to new untapped giving potential. Our Vital Signs Analysis provides powerful intelligence to help you better understand your fundraising cycle. Know who, when, and what to ask.

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1:1 Channel Engagement

We provide multi-channel creative services with expertise in the material direct mail print and digital world designed from data informed strategies. Our writers and designers create effective campaigns that uniquely connect donors using original copywriting, imagery design, and inventive engagement. Integrating messages and visual language across mail, email, and the web is created by people who understand each channel. 1:1 creative that cares.

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We Love Our Work

Amergent’s unique donor analysis capabilities and fundraising acumen are supported by industry recognized expertise to execute on plan-on time. Our cross-functional organizational structure enables teams to share information about all needs that are mission critical to your services. Our project management skills are second to none and we spend a lot of time thinking about how best to deliver your work every day. Now that’s true love.

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Your mission is to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to make a difference for you.

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