Vital Signs Analysis™

Where do we go from here?

Vital Signs Analysis™ is a drill-down review of your entire fundraising file, designed to highlight various performance trends,Vital Signs Chart 1 areas of concern, and opportunities for greater success. In addition to looking at your overall file, Vital Signs™ looks separately at Long-Standing donors, Recaptured donors, New Donors and Second-Year donors, so you can really see how differently these segments behave each year.

Amergent will also perform a Mid-Year Vital Signs Analysis – after 6 months of each fiscal year. The 6-month report will tell you how the current fiscal year is tracking against prior years, and it will also project where we believe the program will end up at fiscal year end.

Vital Signs Chart 2 The 6-month Vital Signs is a great tool for setting year-end expectations, adjusting strategies to improve results before the year is over, and establishing realistic budget benchmarks for the coming fiscal year. It makes long-term strategic planning a more valuable process for everyone involved.

Ad hoc analyses for special development and cultivation needsDownload Analytics White paper
We can run a wide variety of ad hoc analyses to answer all sorts of development questions – the kinds of questions that come up during strategic discussions and brainstorming meetings.

When our clients discover Amergent’s ability to truly answer those questions with our sophisticated approach to data discovery – they know we can develop solutions that are practical and relevant to their long-term goals. This is truly one of the most exciting aspects of working with Amergent – we analyze the data better than anyone else, but we never lose focus on the donors and the income.

Five-year giving trends
The heart of the Vital Signs analysis is the full-file five-year giving trends report. It gives you a picture of the health of your fundraising program. Is revenue increasing steadily over time? Are gifts per donor growing? Is the average gift increasing?

Answers to questions like these tell you whether your program is thriving or not. They can also point to action. Often, for example, you can realize a steady growth of donors over five years by making modest increases in acquisition efforts from year to year and concentrating on selecting and speaking to all existing donor segments.

Vital Signs Chart 4Friends for Life
By knowing what’s working well and focusing on what needs improvement, you can create an optimal communications and messaging plan for your ongoing donor conversation. It is through such cultivation that you can turn your donors and members into Friends for Life.


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