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Your relationship with your donors is revealed in their transactions

The Amergent analytics process is a meticulous review of activity in your files. Our complete battery of reports covers all key performance measurements during the entire fiscal year. These reports include everything from test-to-rollout analysis, segmentation analysis, individual mailing analysis, and year-to-date/year-end overall Program analysis.

Acquisition/Prospecting List Performance Report
This report provides results of the mailing promotion by list sources. It helps determine which lists produced results consistent with your objectives, as well as which lists fell short. It captures gifts and income for all lists in the effort, and calculates relevant measurements such as response rates, net income, and cost per dollar raised. Subtotals for tests and package segments will be broken out and indexed against the overall average for all lists used.

Audience Segment Performance Report
This report provides results of every mailing promotion to the house file, based on the audience segments that are targeted (category, recency, frequency and amount). This report helps identify opportunities for improvement in the segmentation strategy as your annual cycle progresses. Audience segments can be flexible in this report, and segments can be ranked by the criteria that will be most meaningful for your program.

Fiscal Year Effort Report
This report provides top-line, year-to-date results for all campaigns in your annual development cycle. It shows mail quantities, responses, income, costs, and year-to-date net income. This report also shows prior years’ performance for the same appeal, so that you can see how the current year’s effort compares with historical results. In several cases, this report captures multiple prior years’ results, which reveals trends in top-line performance for each of your appeals.

End of Campaign Report
This report is a comprehensive review of individual campaigns that captures all key performance measurements and addresses the various segments of donors and treatments that made up the entire effort. The End of Campaign Report includes narrative commentary on the results, complete with observations on test results, package/audience comparisons, and any number of noteworthy trends in donor performance. Where appropriate, the End of Campaign Report will also include our recommendations for sustaining a particular strategy that is working – or revising a strategy that is not working for this particular appeal.

Year-End Review Report
This report is a high-level review of your total program, conducted at the end of each fiscal year. It looks at all the campaigns conducted during the year, presents the results in a comparison with the prior year and makes strategic recommendations for improvement going forward. Similar to the End of Campaign Report, the Year-End Review Report is designed to support strategic enhancements – just on a more macro level.

Various Ad Hoc Reports
Amergent is able to provide a number of ad hoc reports for our clients, designed to meet their specific needs. We have many reports currently in use that are variations of those described above, each managed according to the requirements of the clients for whom they are provided. We will work with you to determine any special reporting needs you may have, and we will make every reasonable effort to provide the reports that will serve your precise objectives. This is part of our philosophy of serving the unique needs of each individual client, and it is another benefit of working with Amergent.

These reports give you a comprehensive picture of your fundraising performance. That in itself will create strategic insights. But we can take it a step further and help you understand the practical implications: what revenue can you budget in your next campaign? which donors are candidates for upgrading? where should you devote the most resources if you want to grow? These are the kinds of questions routinely answered by Amergent’s exclusive review: Vital Signs Analysis™.

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